About Us

We bring to you 30 years of hands-on experience working with traditional or virtual teams across a wide variety of industries in SA, Europe, the UK & USA. We can deliver anything from a comprehensive team diagnosis & consultation, a presentation/talk, half-day, one-day, two-day or three-day workshop, to coaching and consulting on an hourly basis. We apply our standard formats as well as customised, tailor made solutions.

We have a unique, easy to apply, sustainable online performance about-usmanagement system and process that will revolutionise the way your teams work, save time in getting results and add up to 25% to your bottom line. We coach your teams over a period of 12 months using our unique Internet Operating Support System.

We enable people to build self-esteem, foster pride and discipline in working as part of a team. Team members develop mutual accountability whilst learning how to participate, cooperate and collaborate with responsibility.


Our approach is designed to accommodate and cater for the (busy and mobile) executive, manager and team leader in our ever increasing, fast paced, demanding business environment where time, speed and flexibility are of the essence.


"I have made use of Johan Cronje of Integro to go to the next level with my management team who is very mature in their understanding of their responsibilities and the way they work with each other. Johan however offered insights, methodologies and self-evaluations which offered the team members an opportunity to understand each other’s personal work profile and thus how they think, behave and ultimately operate as individuals and in a team. This was most interesting, valuable and a good foundation. We are now going into the next phase which is the team effectiveness and KPI sections where all this comes together facilitated by Johan through various interventions. The team is motivated and eager to continue with the next phase."

Ian Myburgh - Managing Director, ZF Lemforder SA (Pty) Ltd

"The workshops improved team spirit and co-operation. At the time the identifying of goals and strategies to improve our team effectiveness gave structure, motivation and meaning. The signing of commitments to improve interpersonal and work relationships between team members and to explore the differences in personality also provided an atmosphere for personal growth as well as more understanding of each individual team member."

Rochelle Human - Group HR, Venture Otto SA (Pty) Ltd

"1. The course brought my team closer together and provided a good understanding of what makes each team member tick. This assisted in the personal interactions between the team members being improves which resulted in a closer knit team which works more closely together now. Since the training we have instituted weekly team meetings which have greatly assisted the team unity that has developed."

Tim Waterson - Group Financial Manager, Venture Otto South Africa

"We had good feedback from top management on the sessions you have facilited, as well as from team members on the lower levels. It is important to us not to implement any intervention in isolation. It should flow from the company vision and strategy. Your approach fully complimented this line of thinking. We saw a better understanding in teams who completed the training, with a common purpose and more empathy for other team members. Diversity was seen as a positive, not a problem area and people realised that different is not wrong, it is merely different. We will certainly implement this programme with the newly formed teams and I know we will get the results we expect."

Johan Brits - Manager: Training & Development, Santam

"The general feeling amongst the team is that since the inception of the Intégro Learning team building process, teams are more goal and target driven. Interaction amongst the sub-teams enables everyone to have a better understanding of the department as a whole and if need be, the teams rally together to resolve important matter. In essence, the team building has improved business and personal relationships between members, and everyone found the team building process to have had a positive effect on themselves and on the team as a whole."

Quentin Dollman- Executive Manager Operations, Afrisam

"Our biggest learning from the team development process was the fact that we needed to ensure that we could keep meeting our timelines on projects that we identified a year back. We are well within our target and have actually exceeded our savings. The scoring system online ensures that we stay focused and I must say it helps a great deal in this world of pressure."

Awie Grobler -Commodity Manager, BHP Billiton

"I am very encouraged with the results. There has been a shift over the past 3 months in that the individuals are reacting to issues without my involvement. They are organizing themselves! This is exactly what you and I were aiming at ‘Self-Organising Teams’. Our success as a team is evident. We have been able to win the, Venture Group, Plant of the year award two years in a row."

Dean Vernon - Managing Director, Venture Automotive

"One must ask the obvious question. Can we measure the results? The answer is a resounding YES. Operating income has improved, margins improved to the extent that after 5 months trading after the workshop, when similar companies are issuing profit warnings, this business is 11% ahead of budget and 46% ahead of last year, where it counts at operating level."

Mike Chase - HOD - HealthCare, Aspen Pharmacare

"The improvement in problem solving resulted in us, in effect, getting our investment back within one week after the first 2-day workshop, as we were able to solve a management problem that had plagued us for 8 months."

Noel Peberdy - Managing Director, Kenwalt Systems