What You Get In Your Free Trial 


The Process


  1.  Introduction meeting (1 hour)


  • Meeting team members and explanation of roles
  • Explain purpose & goals of 30-day exercise
  • Map out the 30-day process
  • Experience a ‘snap shot’ exercise on personality differences
  • Explain & hand-out DISC questionnaires
  • Give short assignment for individuals to do



  1.  1-Day workshop (15 days after intro meeting)


  • How to use your DISC personal work profile to improve functional relationships
  • Introduce a new performance management structure for team deliverables
  • Determine 1 team KPI, 1 team goal and related criteria as example exercise
  • Customise the team goal achievement assessment
  • Assignment for next workshop:
  • Do Goal Achievement effectiveness assessment of team on Internet software system



  1.  30 Day 1-Day Workshop (30 days after the first workshop)


  • Review relationship assignments
  • Review deliverable team goal and coach how to upload progress onto Internet software system
  • Debrief Goal Achievement effectiveness result on the software
  • Debrief how to increase Individual Contribution & Impact with assessment example
  • Follow-up action for team performance improvement



4.  Management Meeting

  • Meet with management or executive to unpack results of demo exercise & decide on what should be the next steps going forward





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