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The Importance of Team Performance Management Systems

The central goal of team performance management systems is to promote and improve employee effectiveness either working independently or in a team. In any business you are not really able to measure the effectiveness of a team without a performance management system in place. We have a look at the key reasons as to why team performance management systems are so valuable and why this is a factor in today’s working world.

Team Performance Management Systems

  1. A good team performance management system improves the bottom line by reducing process costs and improving productivity.
  2. An effective team performance management system provides a rational basis for selecting what business process improvements need to be made first.
  3. Team performance management systems allow for benchmarking against outside organisations or other high performing organisational teams.
  4. A team performance management system allows a company to align its strategic activities to the strategic plan. The business is then able to get feedback needed to guide the planning efforts.

Team Performance Management in today’s working world

The above reasons are vitally important so that a business can survive and even thrive in the long run. Today’s working world has profoundly changed and the below factors emphasise even more why it’s necessary to implement effective performance management systems.  These factors include:

The workforce is evolving: Employees are looking for different relationships with their employers. These are focused around coaching, developing and opportunity. Millenials for example place a great emphasis on work/life balance as well as what they can gain from their work experience. A good team performance management system must be able to provide effective feedback to these employees so that they can develop themselves.

Organisational change: There are many sectors that are being pushed into changing their organisational culture and structure due to increasing global trends such as oil and gas, finance and mining. A good team performance management system can assist with this change by making sure that desired goals and behaviours are mapped into the system.

Risk avoidance: The more useful information a business has, the less risk it will encounter. A team performance management system will allow for ideal behaviours and actions to be mapped and implemented elsewhere. Thereby reducing the amount of risk that a business will encounter.

The nature of work has changed: Today’s working world consists of collaborative projects, global teams, reporting to multiple people and working on multiple projects and the days of an appraisal from a single line manager therefore no longer fits. It’s therefore important to have a team performance management system in place that takes these factors into account.

As with any aspect of the business it’s important to stay ahead and adapt to the new working world, workforce and technology. It’s therefore vital to partner with a team performance management expert in order to take your business to the next level.

Integro Learning Team Specialists provide a technology driven, team performance management system and development process to build the capacity of teams. This will improve your business’s operational effectiveness, profit margins, profitability and as a result, contribute significantly to the overall improved results of your business. For more information on how Integro can help your business, contact us today.