What Sets Us Apart2

nternet Operating Support System® (IOSS®)

We provide an Internet interactive system that facilitates & drives continuous improvement of the business performance & profit contribution of company teams.

The Bottom-line – Improve It Directly
Our Internet system enables us to link key and relevant soft skills for team effectiveness of team members with hard financial business accounting factors to improve team contribution to the bottom-line. This is accomplished through a specially designed financial model for corporate teams that is part of the IOSS®.

Sustainability of Performance
The IOSS® creates an operational infrastructure resulting in a conducive working framework for desired business results. This enables members to learn what they live and live what they learn in a team (action learning) as a result of the processes generated. The upshot is sustainability of team performance.

Reduce the Gap – Strategy & Performance
The Internet system continuously measure team specific and customized operational KPI’s that are in alignment with business strategy. This enables the implementation of corrective action to reduce the effectiveness gap between actual and expected team performance with targeted team incentives on our Internet system.

Customer Satisfaction – Sold on Service
Teams continuously improve customer satisfaction with regular and dir