Accelerate Team Performance

Every team suffers from 'process loss' (performance loss) in their efforts to deliver results i.e. waste of time/effort, mistakes, unresolved issues, duplication, non-conformity, unavailability of members etc. Our Internet Operating Support System® enables your teams to measure their overall effectiveness (OEI%)? every quarter which pinpoints what is holding back or delaying performance. Team meetings are transformed as a result and become the catalysts for driving the changes where it's needed. The upshot is proactive and timeous corrective action, which boosts performance.

The ability of a team to deliver the results they are accountable for, on a sustainable basis, is directly correlated with its level of effectiveness. Effectiveness is the consequence of applied learning. Our Internet Operating Support System® makes use of *Action Learning.

*Action learning is brought about via the interface with the IOSS® and reinforced in the monthly team meetings. That is, team members are exposed to organisational and interpersonal issues, challenges and problems and proactively resolve and change them for the better. Action learning addresses the real issues and challenges of the tasks/projects at hand with the information and experiences captured on the IOSS. The value is self-development and organisational development as action changes both the outcomes of a project/task and the person acting on it.

Action learning is based on the premise that that there is no learning without action, and no action without learning.

8 Key performance areas accelerate team performance.

  1. Goal Achievement - the process we use to achieving our goals, objectives and targets
  2. Continuous Improvement - that which needs constant attention to ensure improvement
  3. Teamwork Practices - how we work with each other as team members to execute tasks & projects
  4. Resource Utilization- what resources can we use, internally & externally, to help us accomplish our tasks at hand
  5. Skills Application - applying group skills in communication, solving problems, decision making, reaching consensus and dealing with conflict
  6. Team Spirit - managing and maintain the spirit of the team in a positive way
  7. Visible Leadership - learning how to lead and how to follow relating to the challenges and tasks facing the team
  8. Customer Satisfaction - improving the delivery of service by getting direct feedback from the customer audience we serve as a team